Free Translation Tools


Check some free translation tools; they are great tools, when you just want to have an idea of what the text is about, no serious translation, because, you need to remember that it is a machine translation; therefore the human touch and human senses are not present.


We do not recommend these tools for any business translation, accurate translation; we just recommend them as a general tool. If you need to have a real and accurate translation, just visit our websites in the language of your choice and our Christian experts will be more than glad to provide you with a quote for your translation need.


Just remember, machine translation is not an option when you need a real translation; for that purposes you need a human being to perform your translation and give the real sense to your text.


You also need to understand that Christian text cannot and should not be translate it by anyone, only a Christian translator can convey the real meaning of your text; it is like doctor and patient; a patient cannot prescribe a medication, because only the doctor has the skills to do that; therefore, only a Christian translator must perform a Christian translation using Christian Translation Tools.


When you need to translate a Web site that is not in English you can do it by just using Google translate. You can also use Yahoo translate tool, which is free of charge of course.


Google Free Translate Tool
Yahoo Free Translate Tool
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